These days, all businesses require a website on the internet. But very few businesses have the knowledge or the time to create their own website. A web designer can help you with creating a website to show case your business to the world. However there are some things to know about first, before contacting a web designer because they build all of these things into their business model and prices.
  • URL for the website (Domain Names)
  • Place for your website to live (Web hosting)
  • What your website is built on (Web site technology/template)
You have 3 choices to manage and have these three things setup. Do it yourself, have your web designer or IT Support provider manage it for you. A URL is similar to the street address for your business. It is the address on the Internet that people will use to visit your website. A Domain Name needs to be registered, and your Web Designer or computer support provider may attempt to resell you this and manage it all for you. If you do not want to manage this yourself, be sure to ask questions about who the domain name is registered with and exactly what are the logins and passwords to the account to allow you to manage the domain name should you wish to, or to have another Web Designer or IT provider help you. Web Hosting is a bit like a block of land that your web site will live on. Your URL (Domain Name) is then pointed to your Internet block of land (Web Hosting). If you have a server, then you can host your own website if you wish, but if you are paying for web hosting then you are essentially renting a block of land on the Internet. Web designers are similar to an architect or builder for a traditional building. However a lot of web designers try to lock the customer into their own web hosting reselling arrangements by not providing a copy of the website should you wish to use a different web designer. When discussing with a web designer about their services, be sure to ask up front what happens if you want to stop using them and use a different web designer, or wish to move the website hosting. Another very important question to ask is where in the world will the website be hosted. Our recommendation is that Australian businesses only host there website in Australia, unless there are compelling reasons not to. Like many other Web Designers and IT Support providers we can assist you with your Domain Name registration and Web Hosting. We are resellers for OzHosting OzHosting for all the Cloud products you may need. By purchasing OzHosting products through us means that we can manage your website for you, which will ensure that you get good service from people who know and understands your business. We will ensure that you have all logins and passwords if you choose to go elsewhere for IT Support, and you need to change Hosting providers we can assist you with the transition. We can design you are website if you wish, or we are happy to work with other web designers.
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