Windows Server Support

Whether you are wanting a Windows Server or already have one that needs some support, repair or upgrade, we can help your business to be more productive. Windows Server solutions are available for many sizes of business, from small to the very largest of businesses. It is not the size of your business that determines if you need a Windows Server, but instead what your current and likely future needs are.

Your needs

If you are in need of a new server, or simply want to get more out of your existing server we can help you with this. Maybe your current server is getting old, or is out of support. Through proper planning, we can help you with a migration to a new server in such a way that the disruption to your business is typically less than 1 day. We also find that some people feel they need a Windows Server, when they might actually be able to do with a reduced investment and still get high productivity with a combination of a NAS device, VPN appliance and Hosted services instead. Once you begin a relationship with us, we can help to work out which is best for your business and your budget. At Computer Troubleshooters Croydon we provide services for many types of servers, and if needed sales.

Windows Server types we currently support

  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows SBS Server 2003
  • Windows SBS Server 2008
  • Windows SBS Server 2011
If you have a specific Windows Server product not in the list above, it is likely we can still support you as the general principals and practices for supporting server are the same, regardless of complexity, value or operating system. As we are part of the Computer Troubleshooter network of 450 offices world wide and also part of SAGE-AU, if there is something about your server we do not know or do not understand there are many places for us to find out the answers to your problems.

What is Windows SBS Server?

For those that do not know what a SBS Server is and even for those that have a SBS Server this YouTube video can be helpful to understanding how a Windows SBS Server can fit into your business.

Youtube video created by SmallBusinessServer
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