Get Organised – with Sticky Notes!

Get Organised – with Sticky Notes!

Need a reminder to complete a task, whether it’s to write a blog, call the accountant, or pick up milk on the way  home – sticky notes is the digital post-it note, and could make your life just that little bit easier. Sticky notes are an electronic version of the old...

Have you reviewed your Acceptable Use Policy?

You have a business, with employees. Those employees know what to do because you have procedures and policies in place to guide them. One of those policies should be an Acceptable Use Policy which should describe in broad/general terms how the data, information,...

Why a NAS

If you have ever wondered what a NAS is and why you need one? Check this youtube video out. [youtube]eyC8xaVdW-w[/youtube] Youtube video created by That is my favourite NAS explanation to date.

Fritzbox 7390 – Child Protection

Fritzbox Child Protection features Using the Fritzbox 7390 for a Modem/Router in the home allows you to limit access to the internet for individual devices and computers that your children might be using. You can specify for each day of the week, the times that...
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