Computer Recommendations

We recommend computer made by Hewlett Packard for HP Desktops, Laptops and Servers. Generally we do not sell parts or computers that are secondhand or refurbished as all parts and computers that we come across that are not needed by our customers are disposed of in line with our ewaste policy However for servers, where the investment and total cost of ownership is often high, we can source secondhand parts for you if you wish. The owners of Computer Troubleshooters Croydon own and have owned various HP Computers, Servers, Monitors, Laptops, Printers and Calulators equipmentsktop and monitor, a HP Server, HP Calculators. We can supply you a wide range of products from HP. In the Desktop and Laptop range, we prefer to only sell the business edition models. Although typically more expensive than the consumer models you find in the likes of Officeworks and Harvey Norman, the quality and the warranty is often much better. Many of our customers are now enjoying have a HP Business Desktop or Laptop model, HP Servers, and HP Printers. For many reasons we are our recommending Hewlett Packard for HP Desktops, Laptops and Servers.
  • We feel that traditionally HPhas had a good approach to the design and engineering of its product range.
  • Between 1998 and 2010, we have had experience working with a wide range of HP Laptop, Desktop, Printer, Workstation and Server equipment.
  • We would also like to disclose that the owners of Computer Troubleshooters Croydon have a small parcel of shares in HP, left over from an employee share scheme from 1999
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