CT Protection Plan

Imagine if your computer could tell you it had a virus, or that the hard drive was about to fail.

Imagine if this enabled you to save your data, schedule a repair time that is convenient to you, whilst also saving you money.

With a CT Protection Plan your computer can do just that!

  • Early Warning System – Computer or Server monitoring for potential hardware and software issues
  • All Windows patches and updates
  • Webroot Enterprise Antivirus and Antispyware
  • Remote Access Tool
  • Minimum 12 month contract
  • Priority Support at our Service Centre
The base plan is monitoring only. Suitable for Home, Small Business and Business users. Labour to remedy any problems found would be charged at our standard hourly rate. Your approval for any works required to remedy potential problems is sort before any repairs are carried out. Leaving you fully in control to manage your computers. Tom Meet Tom – Tom tried to turn his computer on this morning. Blue screen, with the Windows circle just circling, circling, circling… but just would not boot into Windows. He gave us a call, frustrated and very stressed. He runs a small business from his home, he needs to email quotes to potential customers, send invoices and access his email today. He can’t remember the last time he did a back up of his data – possibly two months ago, could even be longer. Tom brings the computer in. Stressed out about how he is to work today without his computer. On inspection the hard drive is showing signs of imminent failure. The hard drive needs to be replaced, Windows reinstalled and data recovered. To keep costs down, Tom has decided he will reinstall Microsoft Office and other applications himself. The repair bill would be in the vicinity of $686. Data recovery will only be possible provided the drive doesn’t die before the job has completed. Two hours in and the drive fails. To attempt any further recovery, the drive will need to be sent to a second tier Data Recovery Specialist – the standard data recovery charges will fall between $850 to $1,800, with a turn around time of 5 – 10 days. Peace of knowing your computer is covered under a Total Protection PlanMeet Sam – Sam has a Total Protection Plan on his laptop. Sam received a phone call from our office advising him that the monitoring service had detected errors on his hard drive, and would he like to book it in for us to take a look. Sam has been using his computer, and hadn’t noticed anything untoward as yet. Like Tom, Sam can’t remember the last time he did a backup. He attached his external USB hard drive to his laptop, and performed his own back up. He then called us back to schedule a time to drop off his laptop for us to take a look – he had some important work to finish off, so was going to drop in the following day. Sam continued to work, emailed his clients and continued to run his business. The next day Sam dropped off the laptop. Having a CT Protection Plan meant his laptop received priority treatment when it entered our service centre. Having a CT Protection Plan meant that we knew the make and model of his laptop, the size of the hard drive that needed to be replaced and the version of Windows that Sam was running.  This speeded up the process of repair, as we arranged to have the parts on hand for when the computer arrived. Diagnosis completed, the hard drive was showing signs of failure though not yet imminent. The errors on the disk weren’t critical to Windows as yet, and so we could clone the old drive to the new hard drive – cost to repair $346. Sam picked up his laptop the following day, and continued to run his business. Tom, on the other hand, didn’t wish to proceed with the third party data recovery. The repair to his laptop was $550. His laptop required a new hard drive, and a full Windows 8.1 reinstall, and partial data recovery. Unfortunately re installations of Windows are very time consuming. He collected his laptop several days later. As he had no back up, he would have to start building his information from scratch. Tom had no record of who owed his business money, or who he owed money too. Most of his contacts were in his computer. This had a large financial impact on Tom, and left him wondering just how he would recover. Sam feels the CT Protection Plan is complete peace of mind, and for only $168 per year – good value too.

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