This afternoon we received the email below from message from Reckon, the company who makes Quickbooks.
As my emails are filtered by my ISP, Internode, I didn’t receive the email about the “Intuit Security Tool”.

If by chance you don’t receive the email advice from Reckon, but do receive the “Intuit Security Tool” email and unfortunately make the mistake of installing it, let us know and we can offer our services to put your computer right again.

Dear Andrew

A number of Australian and New Zealand QuickBooks users have recently been sent emails advising them to download and install an “Intuit Security Tool”. These emails have not been sent by either Reckon Ltd or Intuit Inc (the US QuickBooks company).

Accordingly, if you receive an email about an Intuit Security Tool you should delete it without acting on its advice as installing the tool may result in malicious software being installed on your system(s).

In general, if you receive emails about our products that look suspicious or if you’re concerned in any way, don’t click on any links and contact us for assistance on 1300 784 253 or email

Gerald Chait
Group General Manager – Marketing

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