Fritzbox Child Protection features

Using the Fritzbox 7390 for a Modem/Router in the home allows you to limit access to the internet for individual devices and computers that your children might be using.

You can specify for each day of the week, the times that internet access is available and the total amount in the day that the internet can be used for.
It is also possible to list specific websites that are allowed to be accessed, and prevent all other websites.

So if your 12 year old son has an iPod, you can configure it to connect to the Internet using a Wifi connection to the Fritzbox. But restrict it to only be used between 10am and 8pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and for a maximum total of 60 minutes on each of those 2 days. You can list only one or two websites that can be accessed that you have already determined to be child friendly, or that the primary school recommends.

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