Need a reminder to complete a task, whether it’s to write a blog, call the accountant, or pick up milk on the way  home – sticky notes is the digital post-it note, and could make your life just that little bit easier. Sticky notes are an electronic version of the old fashioned post it note. They “stick” to your desktop, so they are always there reminding you of the tasks that you need to do.

The many colours of sticky notes

The many colours of sticky notes

I love sticky notes, not only do they save the untidiness of having paper stuck to your monitor but they save money in not having to purchase the paper variety. In the olden days before sticky notes, I’d often find an old post it note that had fallen off my monitor months before, with some obscure comment which I’m sure meant a lot at the time, but looking at it now makes absolutely no sense. There is no way to lose these little electronic lovelies.

At a business networking event, I heard a speaker talk about setting tasks or goals that would improve your business. The tasks didn’t need to be huge, some small task or a new discipline you’d like to implement. The idea was to pick three things (and only three) that would be considered working on your business, rather than working in your business. To list them down, and refer back to them, when you have a spare moment. In that way you would be slowly working on your business.

Problem is I can think of a gazillion things that could improve my business, but how do I remember what my three tasks were. My day is one of continual interruptions, when I do get a spare 20 minutes – how do I remember what little side project I was working on? In small business you don’t often get a nice block of a couple of hours to work on this kind of stuff. No sooner do you start working on one idea, than a more urgent task presents itself. It could be weeks later before having time to sit down and revisit the task you started, and by that time the idea had either slipped from mind or there was another shinier distraction (idea) that would burst into my head, and so off I’d go again, finding then that I have a series of half finished projects.

Well, Sticky notes was my answer. They are always there on my desktop, so I am reminded of them every day. So when I find myself with a spare few minutes, I can start working on these little things which will help my business. I can stay focused, and I find I get a lot of these little tasks done. I create three sticky notes (only three – takes great discipline to restrict it to three!). Noting each idea on a separate note. The great thing about these sticky notes is they are always on my desktop. I can see them, and they remind me of a task or project I need to work on. I am now less likely to be distracted, as they are always visible.  When I complete one it is deleted and replaced with another idea, task or new discipline.

Now if you walked past my desk, you’d see I actually have more than just my three sticky notes. Sticky notes come in 6 different colours. So, for me the green sticky notes I use for my three business helping ideas. You can even change the colour of the sticky note after it is created, so if I’m working on one I will often turn that one a different colour, with a simple click of the mouse. Hey presto, green is now yellow. I use yellow for mum tasks – ie. Pick up milk on the way home, call the dentist etc…

Once finished I just delete the sticky note. Saves the environment, saves  money and  time.

To access Sticky Notes (these instructions are for Windows 7/10), Click on the Windows Start icon (bottom left), then type sticky, select Sticky Notes from the list. You can pin the program to your taskbar, so it is easier to find for whenever you need to make a quick note.

So give it a try, instead of reaching for the paper variety, try Sticky Notes instead.

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