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Today’s homes often have a variety of Technology Devices, from computers, laptop, netbooks, notebooks, iphones, smart phones, tablets, the list goes on and on. While designed to make our life easier, sometimes it feels like the opposite. If you are having some trouble getting the most out of your Technology, or your Technology is no longer working like it used to then Computer Troubleshooters Croydon are here to help. We are local computer repair and software experts that are part of a national and global network of technology specialists. We specialise in fixing problems with Technology. No one provider can possibly be the expert in every make, model or device made or sold, but for us being in both the Computer Troubleshooter and SAGE-AU networks means that we can quickly get the answer to solve your problems, if we come across something out of the ordinary.

We offer a wide range of IT support, repair and maintenance services for the home

Recommendations for new computers

For new laptop or desktop computers we recommend HP – at a minimum probook or prodesk models. Whilst not being the cheapest in the market place, they certainly have a reputation for reliability.

We sell HP laptop and desktops, so if you require advice on the best one for you please give us a call.

Assisting with a new computer setup

A new computer supplied by us will come configured for first time use. All the Windows updates, HP updates and privacy settings configured. It will come supplied with a one year subscription to monitoring and antivirus. We can assist with data transfer from an old computer to a new one, and the installation of programs.

If you have purchased a computer or laptop already then we can help with setup and configuration. We can migrate your old data to your new computer even if your old computer no longer works.

We also offer an onsite service, if you need it.

Hardware repair and troubleshooting
We troubleshoot and repair any hardware that’s currently not working properly. After diagnosis of your computer problem, we provide a quote on the cost of hardware and labour, and an approximate time of repair completion. On acceptance of the quote we order the parts, and track them until they arrive at our service centre. Once the repair is complete, we contact you to collect your repaired goods.
Laptop repair and insurance quotation

Laptop taken a fall? Spilt a drink on the keyboard? All very common problems we frequently see at our service centre. Not sure if your laptop is worth repairing? We handle all laptop repairs, from all makes and models. We can even provide a quote and report to your insurance provider. We thoroughly check your laptop, then we provide a quote on the cost of hardware and labour, and an approximate time of repair completion. We can document this for you, and send a report to your insurance provider. On acceptance of the quote we order the parts, and track them until they arrive at our service centre. Once the repair is complete, we contact you to collect your repaired goods.

Software installation and support
The only thing that is more tedious than installing today’s complex applications is keeping up with the necessary upgrades. We can load and optimally configure all your new programs, and make sure that all your applications are up-to-date.
Software troubleshooting

If your software is not functioning properly, we can troubleshoot the root cause of the problem and get your system running again fast. Don’t waste days and weeks trying to do it yourself! Or worse letting your brother-in-laws, neighbour’s kid whose “good with computers” have a go. From experience, this often causes more problems than fixes, wastes time and in the end costs more to repair.

Hardware upgrades

If your PC takes forever to boot up, or if your programs are running slowly, you may need a memory upgrade. Often, there’s no need for a whole new system. We can outfit your current PC with more memory, new DVD drives, a larger, faster hard drive, faster video cards, or any other upgrade you need.

Internet and email setup assistance

Connectivity problems are some of the most common problems experienced by our clients. We can troubleshoot your problems, no matter if you have a cable modem, a wireless connection or just plain-old dial-up. We also provide training to help you learn these tools most effectively and efficiently.

Virus protection and internet security

Security needs to be everyone’s concern. With all the viruses out there, not to mention the scammers and spammers trying to gain access to your private data through spyware, ad-ware, malware, and others you need the kind of bullet-proof virus protection and internet security tools that we specialise in providing to our clients. And if you’ve been infected, we can scrub your system clean and make sure it doesn’t happen again.


Today, many households have more than one computer. No matter if you run PCs or Macs, or a mix of both, we can create a network so your computers can share and access files from each other. We can also set you up with a wireless router, so that multiple computers can share a single cable internet connection.

Regular cleaning and maintenance

Does your computer run slow and sluggish? Not the way it did when you first bought it? We offer regular cleaning and maintenance services, to ensure your PC keeps working the way it should.

Independent advice and consulting

Think it might be time to upgrade your system, or to finally buy a network storage device? No matter what purchase you may be contemplating, you can trust us for honest, unbiased advice. If it’s not necessary, we’ll say so, and if it makes sense, we’ll recommend the best product for your needs.

With all these services – and so many more – is it any wonder that Computer Troubleshooters is the world leader in computer repair and support?

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