News July 2012

Introducing the Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft has been missing from the tablet market. Recently, Microsoft stepped into the tablet arena with software features in Windows 7 (and soon to be released, Windows 8 ) that take advantage of touch or pen input. The latest, boldest move though was the announcement of its own tablet device – the Surface.  This month we explore the features to see if it’s a serious iPad alternative.

Touch keyboard cover: Microsoft address one of the biggest limitations of tablet computing directly.  While great for viewing content, on-screen keyboards are not practical for editing or creating significant amounts of text.  A Microsoft innovation is the 3mm “Touch Cover” that creates a keyboard surface directly on the tablet cover, without requiring any additional accessory purchases.  If you prefer the ‘depressed’ nature of a standard keyboard, the “Type Cover” mimics this feel on the Pro model of the Surface and still comes in at a tiny 5mm.

USB ports & Micro SD Card slot: While the iPad relies on WiFi, a cloud service or a cable for transporting information, the Surface supports USB and Micro SD Card storage for your movies, songs and documents.

Built-in kick stand & webcam angle: Yet another standard feature, the built-in kick stand holds the Surface upright while the 22 degree beveled edges sit flat. The webcam has been adjusted for this too, so out of the box you have a device that will record or live stream your room while it sits on your desk.

Windows 8 and Microsoft Office: The Surface tablet comes with Windows 8 and Microsoft Office, if you work in a business with a Microsoft Windows environment, this is a key factor for a more productive experience. Once Windows 8 is on your PC, you’ll have the same interface for both of your devices. Until then, you’ll get great document portability with Surface shipping with Office at no extra cost. A great multi-tasking feature is the ability to run two programs (or documents) side by side.

10.6 inch screen: Optimized for movie playback with no black “letterbox” lines, this is nearly an inch bigger than the iPad. Microsoft’s trying to convince consumers that this is an entertainment device as much as it is an extension of the corporate working environment.

It seems the only things missing from the Microsoft Surface are the release date and the pricing, but as soon as we know the details we’ll let you know. So talk to Computer Troubleshooters Croydon about whether this tablet is the right device for you, or for any of your technology needs.

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