Should I upgrade from Vista to Windows 7?

  • Have you or are you experiencing any problems at the moment with Vista?
  • Is your computer running quite slow?

If you answered no to both those two questions, then so long as you have a good Internet Security package, at this stage there is no “urgent” need for you to consider upgrading to Windows 7. However, please be aware that end of support dates for Windows Vista have been set by Microsoft.

If you are finding that Windows Vista seems a little sluggish then possibly increasing the amount of RAM in your computer will resolve the problem for you.

Naturally there may be some features in Windows 7 that you would like to be using.
Features such as these listed below are not available in Windows Vista according to this URL

After reading through the above list of Windows 7 features, you wish to upgrade from Windows Vista, but would like to avoid the cost of buying a new PC, first download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor from Microsoft which will analyse your PC to determine if it is capable of running Windows 7.

‘Now to borrow from our previous blog on why upgrade XP to Windows 7…..’

Ok, you’ve convinced me. I want to move to Windows 7. What is next?
You can request that we help you to move, or give you some advice specific to your situation or you can conduct your own investigation.

If you choose to conduct your own investigation…
First thing, is make a list of all your hardware accessories like printers, scanners, cameras. Anything that you connect to your computer.
Next, make a list of all the software you like to use, or must use.
Then visit this Microsoft Site to check to see if all your software and accessories are compatible.
Once you have checked what is and is not compatible, you may still need some expert advice as to which Windows 7 product suits your situation best, and if you need to replace your existing computer system. Such advice is beyond the scope of this blog as each situation will be different.

If you need any advice on upgrading to Windows 7 or installing more RAM into your computer, Computer Troubleshooters Croydon are happy to meet with you to evaluate your situation and discuss your options. After our meeting it would be your choice to purchase Windows 7 and any needed hardware/software through us, or through someone else. Either way, we can help with data migration from one system to another, installing and configuring your new hardware/software or any of your IT Support needs.
You can also read some interesting information about Windows 7 on wikipedia.

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